Living Free in Christ

January 3, 2011 | Leave a Comment

As a Christian, are you living FREE in Christ?  John 10:10 says, I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly!  “Living free in Christ is the joyful liberty of knowing God’s truth and walking according to God’s truth in the power of the Holy Spirit.  It is not a perfect life, for that is impossible on this side of heaven, but as John 10” so beautifully illustrates, we should live a growing and abundant Christian life! 

 Let’s briefly explore what Abundance is by taking a quick test: Check to see if the following descriptors fit your Walk with Christ? “Superabundance, Excessive, Overflowing, Surplus, Over and Above, More than Enough, Profuse, Extraordinary, Above the Ordinary, More than Sufficient” (From NKJV, Sprit Filled Life Bible)

 I can’t tell you how many Christians we meet each week in this counseling office that are living in defeat and who are making choices that reinforce thoughts and feelings of depression, panic, excessive unfounded fear, continual self-blame, and many other problems that that rob them from realizing fullness and abundance offered so freely at the Cross. 

 There is good news, in the same office we have also watched how the light of HIS Word can swiftly cut to the root of the problem and set the captive free! Why not start the new year off LIVING FREE!!!!!!

 “No matter how tough things might be for you spiritually right now, I have great news for you!  You are not a helpless victim.  God is all-powerful, always present, and all-knowing.  Satan was defeated by Christ, the Victor at the Cross so don’t believe the lie that your situation is hopeless!”   Don’t take my word for it, trust the LIVING WORD!

(Gratefully acknowledge “The Overcomer’s Handbook, A Practical Guide to Victory  in Christ”; Overcomers In Christ International;2002.”