Footsteps Client Testimonial

December 19, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Dear Cherie and Rhonda,

I am writing to let you know how grateful I am for you and your ministry.

When I first met you, I was very skeptical about counseling. I really didn’t believe it would help me, but my depression was such a looming dark cloud over my life that I knew I needed to turn for help.

Little did I know, things were going to get worse before they got better. For that reason, I am so glad that you were there. You gave me coping skills that I never would have dreamed about. You knew exactly what to say to get me through it. I was never intimidated with you. You gave me hope when hope was hard to find. You told me there would be an end, and even though I didn’t believe you then, it was the light I needed to hold onto. Sure enough, I found an end of those long months.

I want to be a testimony to you and your program. I want your body of believers to know how important your ministry is. Many never find the help I found, and they suffer needlessly. You never once failed to point me to Christ, and you gave me a renewed sense of love for Him.

Christians often feel that counseling could not help them, of maybe they feel a sense of shame for even needing counseling. But I’m here to testify that those beliefs are so wrong. I know where I would be without Godly counsel. Without healthy minds, satan can render us so useless. You have helped me become a fit vessel for His use.

For lack of better words… Thank You. Those words sound so insufficient to describe my thoughts. I appreciate your ministry.

May God Bless.

Footsteps Client Testimonial

December 19, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Thank you!

You came into my life as a blessing from God. Thanks for all of your wisdom and insight. Not only are you a great spiritual counselor, but a friend too.

Looking forward to a continued friendship…

Physician Testimonial: Danny Felty, M.D., Virginia Medical Interventionalists

December 12, 2007 | Leave a Comment

I would like to address my remarks primarily to the physician community…

Over the last several years, I have had the privilege of being involved in an advisory capacity with the Footsteps Christian Counseling Center, and I am happy to share my full support of their work.

In the provision of modern medical care, it is well documented and supported by evidence that a more holistic approach to medical care is both ethical and well received by patients. The various schools of medical training have successfully adopted models of mind, body, spirit for appropriate evaluation and treatment. There have been numerous studies to suggest that faith based initiatives are central to meeting the demands of treatment for this whole person approach.

It has been my experience over the last decade that the faith based community has been eagerly seeking such services and are now just beginning to find qualified, credentialed providers such as the clinicians at Footsteps Christian Counseling Center in Richmond, Virginia.

As our community continues to grow, Footsteps is doing a wonderful job of expanding its resources and personnel to meet ballooning needs without compromising its commitment to quality and professionalism.

It has been my personal experience that they have provided a phenomenal service to my patients and to numerous patients of other providers. And I wholeheartedly support their efforts to forming relationships with other medical providers and faith based organizations.

In closing, I would like to openly request that you consider Footsteps Christian Counseling Center for referral of your patients in need of faith based counseling. My personal and professional experience is that they have done an extraordinary job and will continue to expand their services to meet the needs of our community. I would invite any questions or further inquiry to be directed to the Director of Footsteps, Cherie Nuckols.

Testimonial: Jerome Hancock, Senior Pastor of Southside Nazarene Church

December 12, 2007 | Leave a Comment

During my years in ministry, I have seen a growing need for faith based counseling within my congregation. As Senior Pastor of this dynamic and growing congregation, I often need to seek the assistance of a professional counselor to address some of the serious emotional and psychological problems that affect God’s people. I have found this to be particularly important when addressing longer term counseling issues such as substance abuse, sexual abuse, addictive behavior, and other serious mental illnesses.

For the past several years, I have been referring our members to Footsteps Counseling Center, which is a non-denominational, professional Christian counseling center. Since then, I have seen numerous lives changed within our congregation. I encourage my fellow pastors to consider utilizing this wonderful resource and to get to know the leaders of Footsteps Counseling Center.

Footsteps Client Testimonial

December 10, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Thanks to you and especially to Leslie for wonderful help. It’s good to have someone to add perspective and encouragement. We all need that from time to time – occasionally some more than others.

May God bless you in all your endeavors in Him.

Footsteps Client Testimonial

December 8, 2007 | Leave a Comment

I have been in counseling with Margaret St. Claire for over a year and a half. During this time, I have experienced the greatest amount of recovery and healing versus prior counseling treatments. I have hope now that I didn’t have before; hope that the Lord wants me well and will help me get well.

I am still battling fear, and now depression. These are just places on my journey, but they will not be permanent.

I want to have friends. I want to be able to go outdoors without feeling afraid. I want to live life well and make this world a better place for someone else.

I am not there yet, but I am walking. There are flecks of color in my life.

Footsteps Client Testimonial

December 1, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Cherie, You are a wonderful person. Thank you so much for helping me get through such a hard time in my life. God bless you and your family.